Brick APIs

Here you'll find more information about the Brick APIs.

Brick API is an interface for accessing bank accounts, transactions, balance, eCommerce data, and Employment data for all integrated banks. It also provides you with the extracted data from passbooks and statements. On the top of mentioned data, We provide rich insights.

With Data, Brick also provides verification and payments(Pay-In and Pay out) products.

We currently offer the APIs in Indonesia, are in private Beta in Singapore, and are rapidly expanding across South East Asia.

📰 Brick APIs

Brick offers the following products in the form of easy-to-use APIs.


Some APIs require explicit user consent which would require users to connect and successfully authenticate their institutions via the Brick Widget while other financial data APIs do not need explicit consent.

API Products which require user to authenticate his financial accounts first before granting you access to their data are in the below table. We call it user permissioned access or data access with explicit user consent.

Product TypeUsecase
AuthenticationVerifying end user Bank Accounts
Account DetailsVerifying end-user and account Identity (name, ID, country, address, account number, bank name, bank address etc)
TransactionsGet rich Transaction feed, It also includes rich categorization
PDF Statement DownloadAccess verified Bank Statements in downloadable format or receive them directly in your data repository.
Balance Summary APIThis product line helps to understand user balances. It provides Starting balance, Average balance, and Ending Balance.
Transaction and Balance Summary APIThis product line helps to summarize average balance, Ending balance, Income source, and Expense destination.
E-Commerce DataThis product suite helps you to fetch all the relevant information related to E-commerce from both the Buyers and seller sides
Employment DataThis product suite provides you with past employment and Salary data for any BBJS user.

We are coming up with a new set of API Products that do not require end-user consent i.e. It doesn't require the user to perform an action such as authenticating his financial accounts. Please note that these products are still in early beta and are only available upon request. Please reach out to the sales team if you're interested in using any of these products.

Product TypeUsecase
Account verificationVerify if the account number and bank name matches.
Identify verificationThe identity verification product suite helps you to verify the identity of any indivisible.
Address VerificationThis product suite helps you to verify the office and home address through phone numbers.
Telco DataUsing an end-user's phone number get verified information from sim card, network service provider.
Income DataGet Tax, BPJS Kesehatan data about your end-user
Financial Statement DigitisationReal time digitisation of financial statements like bank statements, bills, credit card statements etc be it a scanned photo/image or pdf file.

We also started working on payments product, It helps to do a disbursement and Payment acceptance.

Product TypeUsecase
DisbursementIt helps to do the disbursements
Virtual AccountIt helps to accept the payment via virtual accounts.

To get support for the Data API, please reach out to us via our website or contact here.