Investment Data

Get all information about your user's investment data, including: sid, name, phone, total_investment, total_return, assets_list, transactions

Our new version of APIs(v2) is callback-based APIs, So if you have not set up a callback URL till now, Please set it from brick dashboard.

Investment Data APIs

Here we list all APIs under our Investment data collection that can be used to get the profile, portfolio and transactions data from investor.

ProfileGETThe Profile Info endpoint returns all main information which includes basic identity, sid and bank account from an end user.
PortfolioGETThe Portfolio Info endpoint returns the list of current portfolio, will include Stocks, Mutual Funds and Bonds and the respective summary along with the list of holdings
TransactionsGETThe Transactions Info endpoint returns the historical transaction of the Investment Account which includes the Buying and Selling of Stocks, Mutual Funds and Bonds