Here you'll get to know different types of data products Brick provides you, thereby helping you build fantastic fintech products.

Our new version of APIs(v2) is callback-based APIs, So if you have not set up a callback URL till now, Please set it from brick dashboard.


This product suite helps you to get detailed information about bank accounts, Bank accounts can be segregated into two types, Accounts with multi-factor authentication and Accounts without multi-factor authentication. Here, you can check more details Accounts.


Transactions API helps you get account transactions with all necessary metadata; On top of transactions, it also provides a rich and intelligent categorization of transactions. Here, you can check more details Transactions.

E-commerce Data

This product suite helps you to fetch all the relevant information related to E-commerce from both the Buyers and seller sides. More details are available E-commerce Data.

Employment Data

This product suite provides you with past employment and Salary data for any BBJS user. Details for this product suite are available Employment Data here.

Financial Statement OCR

The latest addition to the Brick product line, This product suite help to extract data from institution statements and passbook. Here, You can find more details Financial Statement OCR.

PDF statements

This product suite helps you to get certified financial institution statements, More details are available PDF Statements here.