Here you'll get to know how to use Brick's OCR product and how it can help you improve manual document processing to be faster and more efficient.

How it can help you?

Brick OCR help you digitize documents like bank statement or passbook (buku tabungan) so your system can consume it easily for more automated process instead of using manual checking.

Brick's OCR API help you transform your documents from PDF, XLS, JPG file into CSV or JSON format sent to your system in minutes.


We have cover most major banks in Indonesia, you can try to process files using our OCR for bank listed below.

BankFile TypesExampleStatus
BCAbank statement and passbookstable
BNIbank statement and passbookstable
BRIbank statement and passbookstable
Mandiribank statement and passbookstable
BSIbank statement and passbookbeta
Danamonbank statement and passbookbeta

Please note that if you submit file outside the coverage above, the accuracy might not as you expected. If you want to request specific bank you want us to cover, please send us your feedback to [email protected].

Document requirements

  • Maximum size per file is 5MB
  • Single or multiple files
    • Please note that multiple files will be counted as single bank account, mostly you will use it to digitize passbook when you need to upload multiple photo files for 1 account.
  • List of file type supported :
    • .pdf
    • .jpeg
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .csv
    • .xls
    • .xlsx

Start using OCR API

Our new version of APIs(v2) is callback-based APIs, So if you have not set up a callback URL till now, please set it from Brick dashboard.

Submit file to OCR APIPOSTSubmit your file to be processed by Brick OCR using this API endpoints. Brick system will send the result to callback URL you have setup in Brick dashboard.
Callback Result SampleGETAfter your files processed using Brick OCR, we will send this data to your callback endpoint. This is the sample of the OCR result we will send to your callback.

We also provide result in form of .csv file that can be send to your email.