Welcome to the Brick API references. You will find comprehensive guides and details about APIs here.

If you have not created the account till now, Please feel free to create it from here.

Our new version of APIs(v2) is callback-based APIs, So if you have not set up a callback URL till now, Please set it from brick dashboard.

We have multiple callbacks for different APIs, Clients have to set different callback URLs. Please find the details below.

APIsCallback URL
Payment Disbursement APIsDisbursement Callback URL
Virtual Account APIsVirtual Account Callback URL
OCR APIManual verification Callback URL

In every API response, You will get a few common fields, Please find the details about keys and use-case below.

KeysUse case
statusHTTP/HTTPS status code
messageText message
job_idUnique transaction_id, It will help to map Async response
sourceIt defines from where APIs request is coming, It can be either one from API, Widget, Dashabord, SDK or Portal.
entityIt defines which product the APIs request is coming from, It can be either one from Data, Insight, Verification, or Payments.

Please check the complete details for API responses here.