This API enables you to check the transaction status before and after created using Reference ID given by Client


Environment for End Point URL

Please Replace the environment in the URL with:

When the environtment is sandbox, replace the {environment} with sandbox. so the URL will be

When the environment is production, replace the {environment} with api. so the URL will be

Request parameters

Key ParametersData TypeDescription
publicAccessTokenStringOne time access-token generated using the auth token API
referenceIdStringClient Reference ID of specific transaction

Response parameters

Key ParametersData typeDescription
referenceIdStringReference ID given by end user
idStringTransaction id generated by brick
amountStringAmount of transaction
statusStringThe Status of transaction
createdAtTimestampTime when the transaction created
typeStringType of transaction
bankAccountNoNumberAccount number of beneficiary
bankShortCodeStringBank Short Code
bankAccountHolderNameStringDescription that filled related to fund transfer
bankNameStringBeneficiary bank name
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