Employment Data

Get all information about your user employment information, including: name, companyName, salary, workingMonth, status, ktpNumber, bpjsCardNumber, npwpNumber, phoneNumber, totalBalance, dob, phoneNumber, address.

Employment Data APIs

Here we list all APIs under our employment data collection that can be used to get the employment and income data from a user.

Employment dataGETThe Employment Info endpoint returns all of employment details from an end user. This information only applicable for all BPJS user who has not withdrawed their BPJS balance and DJP user who has filed for tax report before.
General InfoGETThe General Info endpoint returns profile details from an end user.
Salary InfoGETThe Salary Info endpoint returns salary history (gross salary) details from end user. It returns the latest three months data from each employer for BPJS and the latest three years data from each employer for DJP