Get a list of account transactions with all metadata, including: collect date, amount, currency, balance, type, description, status, category, group and `sub-group. Get rich and intelligent categorization of transactions on your user's account data.

Transactions API*

This endpoint should be integrated on your server where you want to retrieve and handle user account transactions. Transactions data is standardized across financial institutions and accounts.

Transaction ListGETList all transactions for the account connected by a user. User is identified using user_access_token supplied as a header.
Transaction List - POST MFAPOSTThis endpoint can be used to refresh the session of institution with MFA by sending new OTP to end user. Currently, E-Wallet can use this customization.
Transaction List - PATCH MFAPATCHThis endpoint can be used to retrieve all transactions for the account connected by a user by providing new OTP to refresh the account session. Currently, E-Wallet can use this customization.

*We also offer an OCR-based Digitisation of Financial statements images/documents product. which can be used to parse any institution's PDF/image statement and get a structured JSON representation of this statement. If you want to know more about this endpoint, contact us via.

Some institutions may experience downtime during a specific time of day. For more information on this, please contact us via.


Transaction Category

Now Brick provides a categorization of each transaction, you can take a look of the categories mapping through here.
*Note, this category will be incremental/improved over time.