We need to build one standalone APIs for clients to consume of QRIS product. This APIs will help clients to create new dynamic QRIS for clients.

Request Parameters

Key ParametersData TypeDescription
publicAccessTokenStringOne time access-token generated using the auth token API
referenceIdStringUnique reference of Transactions from client side, Maximum length of 25 characters
amountNumberAmount that clients wants to transfer, between Rp1.000 - Rp10.000.000
expiredAtDate TimeQRIS expiry should be in seconds, Maximum it can be 1 month or 31 days or 2,678,400 seconds. Clients can use 0 to use the default value ie: 20 minutes or 1200 seconds.

Response Parameters

Key parametersData typeDescription
idStringUnique ID generated by Brick
referenceIdStringUnique ID that is being generated by the client to track each QR Codes
amountNumberAmount that clients wants to transfer
createdAtDate TimeCreated date of QRIS code
expiredAtDate TimeExpired date of QRIS code
qrDataStringQR national dynamic data
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