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This section will help you quickly integrate with brick products to get financial data.

Brick is currently offering two environments:
Sandbox - A sandbox environment should be used to develop and test the data.
Production - The production environment should be used for production use with real connections to institutions.


To generate your keys for each environment, have a look at our guide to get your Brick API keys or Sign Up now!

You can start integration with Brick in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Generate a JWT bearer token (Public access token) - Generate a JWT bearer token (Public access token)
Step 2: Get a list of all supported institutions ( Optional step) - List all supported institutions
Step 3: Launch Brick Widget - Launch Brick Widget
Step 4: Retrieve Financial Institutions Account - Retrieve Financial institutions Account
Step 5: Retrieve transactions - Retrieve transactions

You can get started alongside video tutorials we made for better understanding. We have videos in both English and Bahasa languages.


Using this step by step guide, you have been able to get the first preview of Brick's API and how to integrate Brick into your website or application

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