This API helps you to retrieve the past disbursement
Note: A real transaction is only available in a production environment.

Request parameters

Key ParametersData TypeDescription
publicAccessTokenStringOne time access-token generated using the auth token API
idStringUnique identifier of each disbursement transaction

Response parameters

Key ParametersData typeDescription
idStringUnique identifier
typeStringType of transaction
statusStringThe status of disbursement
createdAtTimeStampTime at which the response was created.
failureReasonStringReason of failed transaction and will only be shown when the transaction is failed.
amountIntegerAmount of money to be disbursed
referenceIdStringA unique reference ID as a unique identifier
descriptionStringAn arbitrary string attached to the object. Often useful for displaying to users what the transaction was for. Description length limit is 255 chars.
typeStringCurrently only support bank transfer
bankAccountNoStringAccount number of the user
bankShortCodeStringInstitution short code of the user
bankAccountHolderNameStringAccount name that the funds are intended to be sent to.
bankNameStringName of the Institutions
settlementStatusStringStatus of Transaction Settlement
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