How does Brick work?

Here you can know more about how Brick makes it all happen through just one line of code.

:mag-right: One Line of Code, All financial data!

With just one line of code in your app, Brick lets you access variety of financial data. By integrating with Brick, you can let your users connect their financial accounts to your app in just seconds. Once connected, you can then use our APIs to get access to rich financial data from multiple sources in a secure and reliable manner.

To create this connection, you just need to integrate the Brick widget in your web or mobile application. We take care of the user journey from thereon. This widget lets your users securely connect their accounts with your app. We take care of all the piping and plumbing between your user's financial institution and your system by providing APIs to pull financial data: owned accounts, real-time accounts balance, ownership information, transaction history, etc.

We make sure all the connections between Brick and the financial institutions plus between Brick and your systems are secure and reliable. We always only access the financial accounts in read-only mode using end-to-end encryption.

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