Mobile SDKs

Here you'll get to know the different mobile SDKs Brick provides you, thereby helping you build fantastic fintech products.

Brick offers an SDK (Standard Development Kit) that provides each institution with a secure and optimized authentication process. The Brick SDK is the smoothest way for users to connect their bank account within your mobile application.

Clients can integrate single Mobile SDKs with both Android and iOS OS based application .

Brick SDK in Sandbox

The Brick SDK is also available in our Sandbox environment for testing purposes.
You will need to have Sandbox API keys for that. If you haven't yet generated your Sandbox API Keys- Sign Up Now!

You can use any credentials to link an account after SDK integration, or You can also use our Mock Bank credentials shared.

Integrating with Brick SDK

Integration with Brick SDK is a quick & straightforward three steps process.


The Mobile SDK is compatible with apps supporting iOS 10/ Android 8 and above and can be installed with CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager, Gradle, or by manually integrating the framework.


Android 5.0 (API level 21) and above
Android Gradle Plugin 3.5.1
Gradle 5.4.1+
AndroidX (as of v11.0.0)
iOS 9.0
Cococapods 1.10.0

Update Project Plugin
As a second step after adding plugin settings, Please update your project plugin by adding the below line of code.

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
        google()  // Google's Maven repository
        mavenCentral() // Include to import Brick Android SDK
    dependencies {
        // ...
pod 'BrickSDK', '~> 1.0'

In your root-level (project-level) of Gradle/Podile file (build.gradle), add rules to include the Gradle plugin/Cocoapods

Opening SDK
As a final step after updating the project plugin settings, Please add the given belowcode to initialize the Brick SDK.

private val clientId = "Some-client-key"
private val clientSecret = "some-client-secret"
private val name = "BRICK"
    private val url = ""
CoreBrickUISDK.initializedUISDK( applicationContext, clientId, clientSecret, name, url,
                    coreBrickUIDelegate!!, Environment.SANDBOX)
private var clientId = "Some-client-key"
private var clientSecret = "some-client-secret"
private var name = "BRICK"
private var url = ""
CoreBrickUISDK.initializedUISDK( clientId, clientSecret, name, url,
                    coreBrickUIDelegate!, Environment.SANDBOX)

Demo Project

We have created a sample demo to understand SDK faster, Please checkout the below links for demos.

Sample Application

Still confused? You can install the sample application to understand the flow better.
Please share your device UUID at [email protected] You will send customized application for your mobile.


Have trouble integrating SDK?

We are here to help! If you have any trouble integrating our SDKs, You can email us at [email protected].

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