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In this section, you will learn what is Brick Portal and how to go live with Brick Portal.

What is Brick Portal :

Brick provide a plug and play User Interface product using Brick Widget that offers a smooth access for your end-users to connect their Institutions within your application so that you can access their data.

In addition to it, Brick are launching a new product called : Brick Portal that offers Brick Widget inside an URL to eliminate all integrations needed to go live in a customizable environment.

Refer to the following picture for the Brick Portal's landing page,

To play around on our product: Brick Portal, please visit this url

How to launch Brick Portal:

To launch and go live with Brick Portal you can contact our Sales Team and provide us with the following information to help us set up your own Portal :

  • Your registered Email Address and Company Name that is registered from the registration flow with Brick

  • Chosen Brick Portal Identifier ( PortalKey ), as an example : Avengers

  • Logo of your company to be presented and Background Pictures to create a similar environment with your products.

  • Font Color and Font Type to be implemented in all of the pages, as an example :
    - Font Type: Arial
    - Font Color : #0047ba

  • Welcome Message Title and subtitle text along with the preferred icon, as an example :
    - Title: Let’s continue the credit application process
    - Icon List Description: Bank statement for the last 3 months, Savings Summary
    - Icon List: A symbol of Bank Statements and Debit Card

  • Thank You Message: Title and subtitle text, as an example :
    - Header: Your account is successfully connected
    - Message: Thank you for completing the following process. We will then contact you soon
  • Redirect link after finishing the Brick Portal and clicking Back to Home

  • Then, our team will contact you for the draft of the portal before shipping it to live !

  • Finally, you will receive an email notification that is sent to the email registered. Inside, it will consists all of the Data Points available from the connected institutions that your clients have been successfully connecting to your Portal.

Notes : We also support multiple language such as bahasa and english, so please make sure to send us the text for the corresponding language too.

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