Here you'll get to know different types of Integration Brick provides, thereby helping you build fantastic fintech products.

Brick has multiple methods to help you integrate Brick products with your system.

Brick Widget

Brick offers a plug-and-play UI widget that provides each institution with a secure and optimized authentication process. The Brick Widget delivers a smooth way for end-users to connect multiple accounts/institutions within your application.


Brick widget is fast and straightforward; it directly integrates with your system and helps users to add institutes/accounts. After authentication, you can redirect to your own product.

The brick widget will help you in direct integration without any customization.

You can find more details Brick Widget here.

Brick Portal

Brick provides a plug-and-play User Interface product using Brick Widget that offers smooth access for your end-users to connect their Institutions within your application so that you can access their data.

In addition to it, Brick has another product called: Brick Portal that offers Brick Widget inside an URL to eliminate all integrations needed to go live in a customizable environment.


Brick Portal has more customization like logo, Colour and background. After authentication, the Client will get all the data over in the CSV format.

You can find more details Brick Portal here.

Differance between Brick Widget V/S Brick Portal


Brick Widget

Brick Portal

Access token

Clients needs public access token to use brick widget.

Clients needs portal key to use brick portal.


Only color can be customized

Color, logo and background can be customized.


In brick widget after successfully authentication client can re-direct to their application and can access data.

In brick portal after successfully authentication client will get all the data over mail in CSV format.

Brick API

Brick API is an interface for bank account verification, to access bank accounts, transactions, balance, eCommerce data, and Employment data for all integrated banks. It also provides you with the extracted data
from passbook and statements.

We currently offer the APIs in Indonesia, are in private Beta in Singapore, and are rapidly expanding across South East Asia.


Brick APIs are quick to integrate; You should use this integration method for non-consent data.

You can find more details Brick API here.

Brick SDKs

Brick offers an SDK (Standard Development Kit) that provides a secure and optimized authentification process for each institution. The Brick SDK is the smoothest way for users to connect their bank account within your mobile application.


Brick SDK is a powerful tool when a client wants to integrate from Mobile, Brick provides native and core SDK(Customized UI SDK) for android & iOS.

You can find more details Android SDK here.

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