Here you'll get to know different types of SDKs Brick provides you, thereby helping you build fantastic fintech products.


Brick offers an SDK (Standard Development Kit) that provides each institution with a secure and optimized authentication process. The Brick SDK is the smoothest way for users to connect their bank account within your mobile application.
We offer both Front-end and backend SDKs.

Mobile SDKs

Brick offers mobile SDKs for both platforms ie: Android and iOS. SDKs are one of the fastest ways for integrating with the Brick platform. Here, you can check more details Mobile SDKs.

Core Mobile SDKs

Brick offers next-level Customized UI SDKs, In this, you can develop UI according to your choice. More details are available Core Mobile SDKs.

Backend SDKs

We do offer backend SDKs for direct integration of Brick products from your Backend stack. Details for this product suite are available Backend SDKs

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