Brick Infrastructure


Here you'll learn about different components of Brick and get acquainted with our technology infrastructure

Before you dive head-first into integrating with Brick, it is important to get acquainted with the basics of Brick. Operations with Brick will require some of the following parameters:

Parameter Name


End User

An individual using your application.


An entity like yourself that integrates Brick into their application.

Client ID

Your client ID used to generate public token for accessing Brick APIs.

Client Secret

Your client secret used to generate public token for accessing Brick APIs.

API Keys

API Keys is a pair of client ID and client secret needed to authenticate to Brick's API. You need to get your API Keys before making API calls.

Public Token

A public access token that is valid for 30 mins. Use this API to generate your public token which can be used to start the brick widget flow.

Brick Widget

A neat & responsive user interface that the end-users interact with on your website or application to connect their financial accounts to your application in read-only mode.

User Access Token

A unique token generated after a successful login connection by your end-users using the brick widget. This token should be used to make successful API calls to query end-user data on the Brick platform.

Financial Institution Account ID

A unique identifier for a Financial institution account the user has. Each user can have multiple bank accounts. For instance, a user named John Doe has both a current account and savings account within Bank X.

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